The latest edition of SpotLight, a look at the people who make up Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is available here. This issue’s cover story higghlights John Chang. As a world traveler, Chang visited about a dozen different countries and sought to immerse himself with the people and cultures of some of the world’s most mountainous regions, including the Himalayas in Asia and the Alps in Europe. The medical needs and poverty he saw in some areas as he travelled led him over time to devote literally thousands of hours and much of his life to a new avocation: search-and-rescue missions.

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Inside this issue

John Chang Perseveres in Search and Rescue

After receiving his newly minted Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Northwestern University in 1995, LLNL’s John Chang set out on a four-month, around-the-world journey.

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The Scoop on the Most Important Rocks on Earth

Apparently, if it weren’t for meteorites, Super Mario and his buddy Donkey Kong wouldn’t be around to bring us endless joy.

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Heather Bass Lends Her Voice to the Laboratory

Heather Bass is somewhat of a celebrity around the Laboratory. Formerly known as Heather Quarterman, you may remember her as the popular radio personality, “Heather”, on 101.7 KKIQ’s “Hometown Morning Show with Wayne, Heather and Don.

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Kelli Humbird 'Rides the Horse She is On'

Kelli Humbird has always had a passion for animals. For as long as she can remember, she was obsessed with one animal after another, whether it was a cat or a whale. At age six, she became enamored with horses and since then has spent every free moment with them.

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The Sound of Science

Sofia Quaglioni is no stranger to stretching boundaries. From her hometown in Sardinia, to Trento in the Italian Alps to her home today in Concord, Quaglioni arrived at LLNL thanks to a “little bit of a crazy idea,” she said.

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