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Inside this issue

The art of the craft

With creativity, inspiration and a little science, several Lab employees have dabbled in home brewing to make beverages they can call their very own. Donald Loveland, Jeff Hittinger and Dan Laney have different techniques when it comes to brewing the perfect lager, IPA or stout; sometimes there’s even a chance that they brew something different than expected.

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'Little professor' blossoms into champion for others

Christine Hartmann’s life and the lives of others were significantly changed by a chance conversation in which she learned about some of the social and economic problems faced by millions of people worldwide who have intellectual or developmental differences, or disabilities. That encounter led her to help found an employee resource group that recognizes the capabilities of people whose brains work differently — people who are neurodiverse.

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Born to sing

Saptarshi Mukherjee has more than a knack for singing traditional Indian songs. Coming from a long line of musicians, he says he was trained in his art form since he was born. When he is singing, he connects to a tradition and legacy that are thousands of years old, and he looks forward to sharing his art with others who may not know about classical Indian music.

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