It’s said that when it comes to employees at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, it’s like one big family. On any given day, more than 7,500 people stream into the one-square-mile Lab — except during the last pandemic year. In this issue of SpotLight, we take a look at not only the Lab as a family of employees, but also employees who are in the same family.

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Inside this issue

The Burmann Legacy

John Burmann Jr.’s parents still live in the same Livermore house they bought in 1965. When the family first moved in, Burmann’s father, John Sr., worked in the Lab’s maintenance mechanic division, repairing heavy equipment (diesel engines being his specialty). The elder Burmann, a U.S. Army veteran, would take the family to the annual Lab Family Days, where John Jr. was exposed to the astounding breadth of projects at the Lab.

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burrman family

Three is the magic number

If you have worked at the Lab for any length of time in the last 46 years, you have no doubt crossed paths with one of the Martinez sisters. If you knew one, you most certainly knew all three, as they would often be seen together at lunchtime and out and about participating in Lab events.

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martinez sisters

A common bond: A family legacy since 1952

For mother/daughter duo Debbie Rock and Heidi Freitas, working at the Lab is more than a paycheck. It is part of their family’s legacy.

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A common bond

Three generations, and 60 years strong

Long before Stacey James was hired at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a family connection two generations strong went before her: Her paternal grandfather, her maternal grandmother and both of her parents worked at the Lab. Stacey’s family history at LLNL is three generations and 60 years strong.

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Coming full circle to the Lab

It seems like fate had something to do with Mike Voelker coming to work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Through his bloodline is a long list of Labbies dating back to 1958.

Voelker has spent the past 15 years working in IT at LLNL. He came to the Lab in March 2006 and is currently working as a systems administrator in the IT Infrastructure team in the Weapons & Complex Integration Directorate.

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A 30-year love affair

When Joseph Warren joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1990, little did he know that it was the beginning of what would become a family affair.

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