Welcome to the latest edition of Spotlight: A look at the people who make up Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

In this issue, we profile two former Lab scientists, Lloyd Hackel and Brent Dane, who have played important parts in one of the most successful technology transfers in LLNL history — and have some very interesting hobbies as well. Another profile looks at Lab engineer Lynda Tesillo who says that singing is just like math: Singing helped her improve her math skills by realizing the importance and significance of patterns and frequencies and how they relate to engineering.

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MARCH 2018 (.pdf)

Honing a hobby into a craft

Almost every weekday for the past three decades, two former Lab scientists have partnered as a team, working on some of the world’s highest peak power lasers. On nights and weekends, they’ve employed their scientific and technical skills as craftsmen in other ways, building houses and flying radio-controlled planes.

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Singing helps engineer  think ‘outside the box’

Lynda Tesillo always loved math, science – and singing. While many do not associate science and the creative arts together, for Tesillo, it went hand in hand.

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