The latest edition of SpotLight, a look at the people who make up Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is available online. This issue’s cover story dives into the life of Brandon Fischer, a four-time Olympic trials participant in swimming.

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Inside this issue

A 'Devine' passion for music

For many teenagers, getting a car is usually the best gift they could receive on their sweet 16th birthday, but not for Lauren Devine. Her father bought her a cheap electric guitar from a local pawn shop, and from that day forward her passion for music has never pressed pause.

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Hooked on the Olympics

Brandon Fischer’s mother could have never imagined the baby boy that she took to the Laboratory pool for “mommy and me” swim classes would be on the blocks at the Tokyo Olympic Trials 30 years later.

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Finding balance in fencing and more

When Ariel Gluck was 11 years old, she wanted to find a sport that did not involve running, so she Googled fencing. She found a club near her house and the rest is history.

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Student James Brutus loves a challenge

Whether he’s working as an intern on the world’s most energetic laser, leading a national student association or competing in athletics, 22-year-old University of Central Florida senior James Brutus likes to set goals and try to meet them.

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Summer student puts best foot forward

You could say Aaron Hilton has two great loves: a devotion to country and enthusiasm for ballet. Up until a year ago last spring, Hilton was a
professional ballet dancer with the Miami City Ballet where he danced with the troupe for three years. When the pandemic hit, that was the end of his professional ballet career.


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A passion for engineering, innovation

As a girl growing up in Delhi, India, summer intern Titiksha Singh watched her father, an electrical engineer, work extremely hard in the power sector.

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Diversified interests through critter care and more

Micah Che grew up in San Jose with his parents, younger brother and family beagle, JoJo. He attended the Orion Academy, which required him to commute two hours every day. In 2014, the Laboratory’s Abilities Champions Employee Resource Group and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs partnered with Orion to develop an internship program for their students. Che connected with the Laboratory through this program.

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