The latest edition of SpotLight, a look at the people who make up Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is available here. This issue’s cover story highlights Ann Parker. Parker was not one of those people who had a yen to be a published author from early on. She was busy with a job, kids and family, but on a whim with encouragement from a colleague she asked herself, “Why not try it as an experiment?” The experiment blossomed into a knack for writing historical murder mystery books.


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Inside this issue

Life Takes an Interesting Turn for Murder Mystery Author

It’s no big mystery why Lab technical writer Ann Parker started penning novels — she was practically born to do it.

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A Process of Discovery

Larry Lagin talks about his passion for art following a 40-year career as a scientist.

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Drew Willard smokes the competition, with a little help from grandma

There are two major sources of heat in Drew Willard’s life. He’s a senior laser technician in Laser Systems Engineering and Operations, working on high- power, short-pulsed lasers that help scientists study the interiors of stars. But when he’s not on site, he prefers a lower, slower heat: the kind that helps barbecue develop its signature smoke ring and appealing flavor.

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Learning the Lab: One Intern at a Time.

Meet Lab interns Lauren Bonetti, Robert Cerda, Juan Hernandez, Isabella Martinez, Alexandra Overland and Christin Salley.

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