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November 2023

Anashe Bandari on the cover of Spotlight

Don’t stop me now

Spotlight on Anashe Bandari, by Michael Padilla

As the wood turns: LLNL’s Fisher finds creative outlet in woodworking

Spotlight on John Fisher, by Jeremy Thomas

The zen of the gem

Spotlight on Tayyab Suratwala, by Patti Koning

Thriving in the wilderness

Spotlight on Melissa Sale, by Paul Rhien

We are the robotics

Spotlight on Paul Armstrong, by Ben Kennedy

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May 2023

Justin Galbraith on the cover of Spotlight

Finding Balance

Spotlight on Justin Galbraith, by Patti Koning

Up, Up & Away

Spotlight on Melanee Scarborough, by Anne M. Stark

Lab employee's dream comes true

Spotlight on Stefanie Bourque, by Steve Wampler

Blades & beyond

Spotlight on Tony Olson, by Ben Kennedy

Life in the saddle

Spotlight on Patsy Gilbert, by Paul Rhien

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February 2023

Jeremy Feaster on the cover o Spotlight

A Vinter's Vision: LLNL scientist Jeremy Feaster explores creativity through winemaking

Spotlight on Jeremy Feaster, by Jeremy Thomas

All in a dog's work

Spotlight on Kristi Swope, by Steve Wampler

Inspiration on ice

Spotlight on Mila Shapovalov, by Paul Rhien

Couple goes deep for underwater adventures

Spotlight on Bruno & Korbie Le Galloudec, by Patti Koning

Built for speed

Spotlight on Dawn Mileham, by Michael Padilla

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November 2022

Ann Parker on the cover of Spotlight

Life Takes an Interesting Turn for Murder Mystery Author

Spotlight on Ann Parker, by Jeremy Thomas

A process of discovery

Spotlight on Larry Lagin, by Michael Padilla

Drew Willard Smokes the Competition, With a Little Help From Grandma

Spotlight on Drew Willard, by Ben Kennedy

Learning the Lab: One Intern at a Time. Meet Them Here

Spotlight on Lauren Bonetti, Robert Cerda, Juan Hernandez, Isabella Martinez, Alexandra Overland and Christin Salley, by Carrie Martin

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June 2022

John Chang on the cover of Spotlight

John Chang Perseveres in Search and Rescue

Spotlight on John Chang, by Steve Wampler

The Scoop on the Most Important Rocks on Earth

Spotlight on Greg Brennecka, by Anne M. Stark

Heather Bass Lends Her Voice to the Laboratory

Spotlight on Heather Bass, by Carrie Martin

Kelli Humbird 'Rides the Horse She is On'

Spotlight on Kelli Humbird, by Michael Padilla

The Sound of Science

Spotlight on Sofia Quaglioni, by Ben Kennedy

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March 2022

Dionne and Patrick Williams on the cover of Spotlight

They are the Fast & Furious

Spotlight on Dionne and Patrick Williams, by Unattributed

Axe Man

Spotlight on Robert Hartung, by Jeremy Thomas

Patience, perseverance and an occasional cheeseburger drive Lateef Arnold to the gold

Spotlight on Lateef Arnold, by Michael Padilla

Bringing science to fantasy

Spotlight on Brian Gunney, by Ben Kennedy

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November 2021

Jeremy Thomas on the cover of Spotlight

Living on the lay of the land

Spotlight on Charlie Westbrook, by Anne M. Stark

Waxing nostalgic

Spotlight on Glenn Fox, by Jeremy Thomas

Rebecca Mello plays harder

Spotlight on Rebecca Mello, by Michael Padilla

Brighter holidays lead to brighter days

Spotlight on HOME campaign, by Carrie Martin

Sharing knowledge on a global scale

Spotlight on Prem Attanayake, by Ben Kennedy

Building hope

Spotlight on Phil Arzino, by Michael Padilla

Nurturing students' careers through mentorship

Spotlight on Rajani Bansal, by Steve Wampler

John Perkins empowers students to excel in advanced placement physics

Spotlight on John Perkins, by Michael Padilla

A passion to serve

Spotlight on Krsten Sprott, by Carrie Martin

Pulling triumph from tragedy

Spotlight on Shaun Stephenson, by Ben Kennedy

In the heart of Oakland

Spotlight on Michael Taffet, by Jeremy Thomas

Darlene Yazzie aids american Indian community

Spotlight on Darlene Yazzie, by Steve Wampler

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July 2021

Brandon Fischer: making a splash

A Devine passion for music

Spotlight on Lauren Devine, by Michael Padilla

Hooked on the olympics

Spotlight on Brandon Fischer, by Anne M. Stark

Finding balance in fencing and more

Spotlight on Ariel Gluck, by Michael Padilla

Disciplined success, determination

Spotlight on Tre’ Jeter, by Michael Padilla

Summer student puts the best foot forward

Spotlight on Aaron Hilton, by Anne M. Stark

A passion for innovation and engineering

Spotlight on Titiksha Singh, by Carrie Martin

Diversified interests through critter care and more

Spotlight on Micah Che, by Carrie Martin

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April 2021

Special spotlight issue: A family affair

The Burmann legacy

Spotlight on The Burmanns, by Jeremy Thomas

Three is the magic number

Spotlight on The Martinez sisters, by Carrie Martin

A common bond: a family legacy since 1952

Spotlight on Debbie Rock & Heidi Freitas , by Michael Padilla

Three generations, and 60 years strong

Spotlight on The James family, by Anne M. Stark

Coming full circle to the Lab

Spotlight on The Voelkers, by Carrie Martin

A 30-year love affair

Spotlight on The Warrens, by Breanna Bishop

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December 2020

Spotlight cover: A time for crafting; various employees doing crafting activities

The art of the craft

Spotlight on Donald Loveland, Jeff Hittinger, Dan Laney, by Jeremy Thomas

Little professor blossoms

Spotlight on Christine Hartmann, by Steve Wampler

Born to sing

Spotlight on Saptarshi Mukherjee, by Madeline Burchard

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July 2020

Spotlight cover: LLESA’s Organic Gardening Networking Group

Let it grow, let it grow

Spotlight on LLESA’s Organic Gardening Networking Group, by Anne M. Stark

Dr. Radiation combats fear with knowledge

Spotlight on Mark Hart, by Nolan O'Brien

Inspiring passion for the great outdoors

Spotlight on Craig Fish, by Carrie Martin

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May 2020

Jean Shuler on the cover of Spotlight

Come rain or shine, Shuler makes good time

Spotlight on Jean Shuler, by Jeremy Thomas

Werne keeps on pole vaulting

Spotlight on Roger Werne, by Steve Wampler

Need for speed

Spotlight on Don Smith, by Nolan O'Brien

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May 2020

Dustin Riggs on the cover of Spotlight

Dustin Riggs takes center stage

Spotlight on Dustin Riggs, by Madeline Burchard

Lab physicist tunes into the past through ‘early music’

Spotlight on Branson Stephens, by Unattributed

Dive bar rock star

Spotlight on Mike Frank, by Nolan O'Brien

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September 2019

Spotlight special issue: through the lens

Through the lens: Bruce Warner

Spotlight on Bruce Warner, by Breanna Bishop

Through the lens: Diana Thai

Spotlight on Diana Thai, by Breanna Bishop

Through the lens: Michael Carter

Spotlight on Michael Carter, by Breanna Bishop

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May 2019

Spotlight special issue cover: America bound

Communicating like a champ

Spotlight on Roger and Amy Aines, by Anne M. Stark

Coming to America

Spotlight on Ana Paula de Oliveira Sales, by Jeremy Thomas

The land of promise

Spotlight on Sam Ade Jacobs, by Jeremy Thomas

A journey between two valleys

Spotlight on Komal Kampasi, by Jeremy Thomas

A second home

Spotlight on Congwang Ye, by Jeremy Thomas

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January 2019

Spotlight cover: honing a hobby into a craft

Honing a hobby into a craft

Spotlight on Lloyd Hackel and Brent Dane, by Steve Wampler

Singing helps engineer think ‘outside the box’

Spotlight on Lynda Tesillo, by Carrie Martin

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